“How Will You Measure Your Life?”

Elder Clayton M. Christensen, faculty member of Harvard Business School, spoke to the HBS Class of 2010 last spring on “How Will You Measure Your Life?”

He spoke about how our careers are the most immediate ways to measure success in terms of rolling out a new product or generating revenue, but our relationships with family, friends, and God are much more substantial. At the very least, he encouraged graduates to have a sense of purpose before starting their careers, otherwise, they would be going to out to see without a rudder.

Creating a strategy for your life keeps a person grounded in principles that will help them succeed in that which matters most. Careers, as important as they are, are but one measure of success. He mentioned that which he was studying econometrics at Oxford, he dedicated an hour a day to the study of the scriptures, which helped him find his purpose in life. He uses econometrics a few times a year, but the knowledge he gained in the scriptures, he uses everyday.

I’m grateful to be part of a Church that teaches me my true purpose in life and how that is interlaced with my career and education. Spiritual education should be foundation for the secular education and experience we receive. With that purpose as the strategy for our future, the measure of our lives becomes very clear.


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