Sorry it’s been so long since its wrote on my blog! I had a great experience at a baptism yesterday and I wanted to share it. Karolina F. was baptized after several months of investigating the Church. She is from the Czech Repuplic where there are very few members of the Church. The Lord really … More Baptism

Networking Tips

Molly Wendell spoke to the ASU MBA students today about networking. Most important piece of advice: Be interesting by being interested. Networking is not about you, its about everyone else.

The Christmas Gift

I’ve read a couple articles recently focusing on the gifts given during Christmas time. We give each other gifts to express our love and appreciation for one another. The wise men brought gifts to the Savior when He was born to show their reverence and love. Jesus Christ offers us the gift of hope. “And … More The Christmas Gift

Inception on DVD

Inception came out on DVD today. I have not gotten it, but I can’t wait to watch it again! Such an amazing plot and stunning visual effects, the movie is nearly perfect. Anyone who was crazy enough not to see it NEEDS to watch it soon. It will change your life!